Doing Your Prayer in Public: Top Hacks & Tips

Doing Your Prayer in Public: Top Hacks & Tips

Salah in public can sometimes be tricky as we try to be discreet while fulfilling our duty to Allah. But it doesn't have to be that way! Making public prayer a normal thing is a good way to connect with yourself and Allah swt in the middle of a busy day (and it's also a way to share your faith with others!).

Doing prayers in public can lead to interesting experiences, like trying to do ablution with your foot in a public sink (no pun intended). But it's not always funny.

Sometimes finding a place to pray is tough. I know of many Muslim women in workforce here in Canada that unfortunately have to fight for a prayer room at their jobs. In my younger years, I myself used to hide in corners to pray, but it was hard to focus. I remember one day, a coworker walked over me while I was praying in a storage room.. That was my last straw, and I decided to find a better space, which Alhamdullilah I did. Allah provides solutions when we seek them.

I always say this to sisters: if you need to pray at school or work, let your boss or teacher know in advance. According to the law, they can't say no unless it causes serious problems. Explain that it's a religious duty, and you just need a quiet spot. You can suggest using a conference room, an empty classroom, or a quiet corner outside. It might not be perfect, but it's worth it for your prayers.

Whether you're in school or at your job, you can also ask your workplace or school's Human Resources or Student Services for a meditation room.

In public spaces like malls, look for a quiet place, or check if there's a meditation room. If that's not an option, a trick is to go into a retail store, grab a few clothes, and use the fitting room to pray. It's easy! Just avoid loud music. My family and I do this all the time (I'm looking at you, Old Navy)..

In crowded areas, you might actually find it easier to pray in the middle of a crowd. For example, in a park or cafeteria, you can blend in and pray without drawing much attention. Just be careful not to be in a busy area where you could get bumped into.

Use your smartphone's compass app to find the prayer direction. We know that prayer is of outmost importance in Islam. When we understand its significance, praying in public becomes a habit done with urgency and enthusiasm!

May Allah bless and reward your efforts!


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