Our Story

Our Story

Assalam Aleikum!

Meet Zamira and Akhmad, a Muslim Canadian married couple based out of Toronto, mom and dad to Idris and a funky cat named Charlie. As partners in business, Zamira and Akhmad have been working in the digital marketing and web development scene for years before launching Muminy in 2023.

The story behind Muminy is unique: Zamira always believed that the most important piece of clothing in her wardrobe was her prayer dress, since that is the garment she would put on five times a day to meet her Creator.

Since becoming a hijabi some years ago, Zamira noticed that beautiful Muslim clothing for women, especially prayer dresses, were either too expensive, or cheap but of low quality.

This is when Zamira has made it her mission to create beautiful lightweight prayer gowns for Muslim women that embody elegance, all while being affordable and practical to wear.

Akhmad has eagerly joined Zamira on this mission, and they both started working diligently towards achieving their dream together. The journey was challenging as they aimed to maintain ethical production standards while keeping prices reasonable for Muslims all over the globe. With Allah’s help, they successfully launched Muminy in 2023, featuring the signature prayer dress collections already beloved by many.

Muminy stands for ‘Mu’minun’ - an Arabic word for ‘believers’, very frequently referenced in the Holy Quran. Muminy is more than a label; it represents Zamira and Akhmad’s dedication to creating garments that adhere to Islamic rulings and resonate with the spiritual journey of Muslims who embrace their faith while embracing life in the modern world.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. The best is yet to come, In Sha Allah. Stay tuned and don’t forget to join the Muminy community 🤎

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Pictured: Zamira & Akhmad
  • High-Quality Garments at an Affordable Price

    At Muminy, we believe that high-quality shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. We are dedicated to offering you high-quality prayer dresses and Muslim clothing that not only meet your expectations but also fit comfortably within your budget. Our commitment to affordability ensures that you can enjoy beautiful garments without breaking the bank.

  • Clothing That Prioritizes Islamic Rulings and Modesty Without Compromising Style

    We firmly believe that modesty and fashion can coexist harmoniously. Our clothing is thoughtfully designed to adhere to Islamic principles while remaining beautiful, practical, and timeless. We understand the importance of dressing modestly and strive to provide you with clothing that not only respects our faith but also helps you express your personal style with confidence.

  • Commitment to Ethical Manufacturing

    We support Muslim economies and collaborate with ethical Muslim women-led manufacturers. All our garments are sewn by Muslim sisters, Alhamdullilah. Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means that you can wear our clothing with confidence, knowing that it aligns with your values.

  • Muslim Canadian Family-Owned Business

    We're not just a brand; we're a family. Muminy is proudly owned and operated by a Muslim Canadian family. Our personal connection to our business ensures that every product we offer is infused with love, care, and an understanding of the unique needs of our Muslim community.

Muminy’s Authenticity

In today's world of dropshipping and fast fashion frenzy, it's become relatively simple to claim being a “clothing brand” by slapping a custom label on a wholesale item and adding a markup on top...

Our story’s different. Every Muminy garment begins with the design sketches, moving on to pattern cutters and seamstresses. Rigorous quality control ensures each piece meets our high standards. After careful inspection at our overseas manufacturing partner locations, the products are shipped to our warehouse in Canada.

When we photograph our garments, we hire a professional photographer, pay models, and rent locations. Every product photo and video you see on our website and our social media channels are created and processed by our team.

So if you see our proprietary product photos and videos used by unethical sellers on various selling platforms online, please kindly report these incidents by reaching out to us at hello@shopmuminy.com Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but we have a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealing with thieves!

All product photos and videos on our website and social media are both DMCA and IPR protected.